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You're in the psycho circus.....

...and I say welcome to the show!

Cirque de Joker
22 March
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Joker Talk

I just wanted to create a place to rant about Joker stuff. I have written reviews and posted some long posts over the years that I felt it was time to compile my thoughts and put them 'somewhere'. Fair warning, my views are um, not exactly the most popular ones.

Welcome to my not so humble abode. Pardon the bones and half eaten limbs in the front. Those hyenas are not high maintenance animals. Otherwise, make yourselves at home. Welcome to my part in the internet. My goal is to write, review, discuss and share ideas based on Gotham's most infamous resident, the master of mirth, the caliph of clowns. I am such a fangirl that I decided to pay tribute to the clown. This is not my first exposure to the Joker. I was a fanficcer and cosplayer but due to real life circumstances, I had to slow down. It's been five years but I decided to finally take the plunge. Think of this as part TMZ part Nat Geo with the subject being the infamous jester. I will occasionally do a spotlight on other characters that are dear to me but this will be primarily a Joker blog. The focus will be mostly on comics and animation with a rare movie bit. You wanna talk about Bolland Joker? Come join us! You wanna talk about what J does in his days at Arkham entertained, please, say something!

Click here for the ever expanding Joker library! Want a Joker comic fix? Doing research on the character and need some references? Look no further!

This was originally from a wikipedia titled 'Joker bibliography' but sadly, it has been deleted. I managed to save it in my personal files and used it as a shopping list of sorts.

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